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If you or a member of your family are one of 90 million American athletes who participate in sports, you may benefit from sports vision tests that determine how well your eyes perform while you’re on the field or court. At the practice of Roy Hyman, OD, in Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. Hyman recommends sports vision testing for athletes of all ability levels. Additionally, if you or your children experience an eye injury, Dr. Hyman examines and treats the injury. To schedule a sports vision exam, call the friendly office staff or book the next available appointment online.

Sport Vision Q & A

What is sports vision testing?

Sports vision testing goes beyond a standard eye exam. It helps athletes of all ages and ability levels understand how well their eyes perform beyond the basics of seeing clearly. Sports vision skills may help you improve your athletic performance in areas including:

  • Eye tracking ability, such as following the motion of a bouncing ball
  • Hand-eye coordination, such as making a baseball bat come in contact with a fast pitch
  • Depth perception skills, such as navigating around obstacles and turning

Sports vision tests can help determine any areas that could use improvement, and therefore, potentially improve your athletic performance. 

What type of sports vision tests will I take?

There are several different sports vision tests available. The team at Roy Hyman, OD, recommends tests based on your individual athletic abilities and goals. Some of these tests may include:

  • Visual acuity testing to determine if you need glasses or contacts 
  • Eye tracking tests to detect your ability to follow moving objects with your eyes
  • Ocular alignment tests to indicate how well your eyes work together
  • Eye dominance test to determine which eye is dominant over the other
  • Depth perception measurements to test your ability to see three-dimensionally

Based on the results of your sports tests, your vision specialists recommend appropriate treatment, such as glasses, contacts or even laser vision correction. 

What are some common eye injuries in sports?

Some of the most common eye injuries, in sports, include ones that happen during basketball, baseball, and softball games. Racquetball and hockey also warrant their share of eye injuries. Common causes of sports-related eye injuries include:

  • Blows from balls and other sports equipment
  • Punches from other players
  • Flying objects that lead to blunt eye trauma
  • Penetrating eye injuries from coming into contact with another player’s gear
  • Corneal scratches from debris in the eye

If you or your child suffer a sports-related eye injury, it’s important to seek an evaluation from Dr. Hyman and the optometry professionals so they can diagnose and treat the injury promptly. Prompt care for an eye injury can prevent future vision problems and other complications.

To schedule a sports vision appointment, call the friendly office staff or book online.